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About Us

Company History

The Law Offices of Andrew D. Stern, P.C. was founded in 1996 by Andrew Stern. We exclusively concentrate on representing healthcare providers, corporations, and related entities in recovery of their outstanding Personal Injury Protection (PIP) receivables from third-party payers. PIP benefits are primarily comprised of the medical insurance portion of automobile insurance policies.

Given the highly complex regulations governing this field coupled with the fact that litigation is required in a significant majority of these cases, we do not consider collection agencies to be our competitors. In order to address our exploding volume of cases, we have designed and implemented a proprietary computer system which manages our caseload, audits our client's bills against payments received (or missed), correctly applies all applicable laws and manages the complex accounting issues unique to our practice areas.

By implementing an aggressive program managed by a highly trained and specialized staff, we are able to efficiently maintain a regular process of massive weekly filings of claims, and daily claim resolution efforts.

The scope of our services range from closed file (retrospective) reviews to on-going accounts receivable collections. After electronically or manually integrating our client's data, we identify the amounts owed. Our analysis is calculated independently of our client's ledgers to assure accuracy, and to discover additional reimbursement opportunities. Once monies are identified, we immediately transfer the files to our litigation team for filing and handling. Upon payment of the settlement or verdict, we recover the monies owed to our clients and provide a full and customizable accounting.

Our Unique Culture and Process


  • Integration (electronically or manually) of our client's billing data
  • Compilation of demographic and billing history information
  • Digital storage and duplication of medical records


  • Confirmation of third party payer coverage
  • Determination of appropriate statute of limitation date
  • Identification or appropriate balance due from PIP Payer


  • Institution of dispute resolution procedure
  • Negotiation of claims within pre-determined client parameters
  • Resolution of claims through settlement or arbitration award


  • Customized reporting
  • Ongoing statutory and regulatory updates
  • Emergency file backup via our digital storage process
  • On-site file evaluation and pick-up
  • Direct attorney accessibility at your convenience