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PIP arbitrations at no cost to you - YOU PAY NOTHING!

The Law Offices of Andrew D. Stern, P.C. is highly experienced in prosecuting PIP claims against insurance companies throughout the state of New Jersey.

We represent health care providers including doctors (medical, osteopathic and chiropractic), physical therapists, surgical centers, hospitals, and diagnostic testing facilities seeking reimbursement for services provided to automobile accident victims. Our clients often experience delays receiving payment of their bills from PIP carriers, as well as reduced payments, or no payment at all.

We operate in concert with your existing billing infrastructure to maximize PIP reimbursements, shorten revenue cycles, and lower active account recivables. Our firm combines knowledge, experience, and proprietary technology enabling you to concentrate on what you do best - providing efficient quality medical care to your patients.

Contact us to schedule a no obligation consultation regarding collection of your practice's PIP claims today by calling our office at (856) 722-1400.